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    The ER3 3-Station Edge Roller ensures a uniform bend along the entire length of material. The tool quickly adjusts for making 5/8” to 4” bends in 29-22 gauge steel.


    3-Station Edge Roller

    Sleek styling, easy blade replacement, and larger handles make the 14″ Andy Snip more versatile.


    Andy Aluminum Handled Snips 14″

    AV Aviation Snips feature POWER-FIT™ performance hand grips that increase productivity and distributes pressure evenly, which results in less user fatigue.


    Aviation Snips

    The big 24-inch Drip Edge Folding Tools make quick bends along the drip edge of flat-pan standing seam metal roofing panels.


    Drip Edge Folding Tool

    Non-marring, vinyl-gripped jaws in a versatile offset design are ideal for bending and seaming painted metals including overhead applications for Siding Applicators and Metal Roofing Specialists.


    Offset Seamer & Tongs

    TurboShear Heavy Duty (TSHD) is a powerful sheet metal cutting tool that can be quickly inserted into the chuck of a corded or cordless drill.


    Turbo Shears HD